Wood Floor Repairs

Hardwood floors can develop splits or cracks in the wood, gaps between the planks, warping, buckling, dents and scratches. If not repaired, these can decrease the value of your home and cause more significant longer-term problems.

Before sanding your floor, we fix all loose boards, hammer all nails below the surface level and bond any damaged boards to provide a superior finish.

Gap Filling

Gap filling is usually an option rather than a necessity in the restoration process. Many customers like the even look of a gap-filled floor.

Its main advantages lie in preventing draughts and the build up of dirt. It also tightens the floor and helps to prevent movement in the timber.

There are two main methods:

Resin: the most common form of gap filling, mostly used on parquet, mosaic and some floorboards with lots of fine gaps. Fine dust from the floor is mixed with a resin and applied to the gaps with a filling knife.

Solid fillet strips: strips of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued, forced into the gaps, and chiselled back before sanding flat. This is a more comprehensive method of gap filling as it moves with the timber and can fill large gaps.

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