Wood Floor Sealing

The final crucial stage is to seal the bare wooden surface. There are several options:

Water-based sealers and lacquer

We always recommend using lacquered finish as it outperforms other finishes on durability, look and maintenance. Lacquer no longer has the high gloss ‘plastic’ look of 30 years ago. Mlacquers have a silky appearance which mimics more organic finishes such as oil and wax but creates a chemical bond which is very hard-wearing and stain resistant. Lacquers range from flat matt to high gloss.

As a water-based product, our lacquer is very safe to use in a domestic or commercial setting. Its inherent anti-bacterial properties kill bacteria on touch. Lacquers have a fast drying time and its own sealer which helps adherence to the timber. It also brings out the natural colour of the wood – thus minimising the need for staining.

Hard Wax Oil

This is an organic product based on natural vegetable oils and waxes. Like natural oil, it brings out the inherent colour in the timber and emphasizes the natural grain. Osmo hard wax oil has become popular in recent years, as it provides a good balance between natural oil and lacquer – combining a natural look and feel with improved durability.

It is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. More resilient to drying out than natural oil, it can be used in areas of high humidity. Hard wax oil is easily maintained by either applying more coats or a ‘revive coat’ which is a thinned down version.

Natural Oil

Oil is an organic finish that is popular for its natural look and ease of maintenance. It has good water repellent characteristics as well as abrasion and scuff resistance – although it is not as durable as lacquer.

Natural oil can dry out in humid conditions but is easily maintained by applying extra coats which top-up the finish and restore minor damage. It comes in either matt or satin sheens. The main disadvantage is that in very busy areas, a new application every 3-6 months requires furniture removal.

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