Wooden Floor Staining

Stains are used to alter the colour of wood. They lend some colour to your room and give you a floor that looks completely different quickly and at an affordable price. This is useful for dull or decolourised floors, or when you need the floor to better match your home interior. Unlike paint, stains work to enhance the wood grain rather than hide it. The appearance of the wood grain depends on the opacity of the stain and the number of applications.

As well as traditional spirit-based wood stains, we also use oil-based (alkyl) and the modern odour free water-based pigments. The latter come in a wide range of colours from traditional wood colours to contemporary pigmenting: e.g. white, red, blue or even pink!

If needed, we can mix different colours to provide an even wider variety. We strive to get an exact match to an existing floor colour. Our current record is 75 different pigments mixed to match the floor in an historic castle!

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